Modus Operandi III: Together Alone: Group Show

11 August - 10 September 2022

The premise of Modus Operandi began and continues with an exhibition of Chemould's roster of artists - every iteration presents us an opportunity to exhibit them under one roof, in conversation with each other. The first iteration focused on process, the second presented the artist’s studio, and now for the third: Together Alone (after Rashid Rana’s work) felt like an appropriate title that sets the tone for the premise of this particular iteration of Modus Operandi. If the pandemic years are not a central theme, much of the processes of the work have emerged in a time when artists were together, alone.

Aditi Singh | Anju Dodiya | Archana Hande | Atul Dodiya | Bhuvanesh Gowda | Desmond Lazaro | Dhruvi Acharya | Gigi Scaria | Mehlli Gobhai | Jitish Kallat | Lavanya Mani | Madhvi Subrahmanian | Meera Devidayal | Mithu Sen | Pushpamala N | Rashid Rana | Reena Saini Kallat | Ritesh Meshram | Samira Rathod | Shakuntala Kulkarni | Sheetal Gattani | L N Tallur | Tanujaa Rane | Varunika Saraf | Vivan Sundaram | Yardena Kurulkar

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