b.1976 in Karnataka, India


Bhuvanesh’s sculptural practice is influenced by his travels, readings, experiences and outlook; from the forms, he grew up with as a young lad in rural Karnataka to the forms he newly experienced while travelling around the world, which include tools, machines, vehicles, weapons, even people!


Wood has become a prominent medium for him over the recent years; his initial artworks consisted of figurative works like portraits and torsos that were based on his own movement between cities, motorcycle rides in Himalayas, and many such events. The artworks, herein, were based on the idea of displacement and omnipresence.


Bhuvanesh’s interest in the field of Quantum Physics led him to render varieties of abstract shapes in wood, which envisaged the essential nature of the universe in the micro as well as macrocosmic measures. This was further supported by the readings on the Hindu and Buddhist philosophies teamed with stories on mysticism. Wood, therefore, as a medium, helped him explore architecture and joinery as core elements in his sculptural works. Additionally, the incongruousness of surrealism rendered in various iconographies often makes a vague entry into his sculptural practice.


Bhuvanesh mostly uses salvaged or found wood in his sculptures; these are rarely painted. He believes that the aged and decayed wood, structurally and contextually, add their histories to the artwork by introducing the idea of space-time, which is intrinsic to his conceptual framework. According to him, the materiality of the any medium that he uses is crucial to creating any form.

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