Tanujaa Rane b. 1976


b. 1976


Tanujaa Rane is a printmaker who has been working in the medium of etching for over twenty years.


She has within her studio, a printing machine, which restricts the size of paper that Tanjuaa is able to use. But she is able to overcome this restriction that the printing-machine or paper allows by creating and spreading her work over several frames, making for exceedingly large format work by creating grid like structures where the image flows from one paper onto the other. The scale of imagery that the artist achieves, thus displaces the fragility of subject and the delicacy of line.


Images of routine life, from objects to insects that are part of the everyday, form the imagery in Tanujaa's work. Personal stories are transformed into metaphorical images. Quite often, in trying to stretch or expand a form into a bigger format, Tanujaa begins to treat her etching almost like a painting, using colour intaglios, which fill the spaces within the expanse of the line.


The artist lives and works in Mumbai, India.

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