From Chemould Prescott Road, we present Stalking Art, a series about pairing and conversing with art thinkers and makers on how they ponder. Through each episode we will bring together unique pairings of our artists and minds in our surrounding art world as they give us a glimpse into their perceptions on all things art.


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  • THE GALLERY AS A WITNESS, EPISODE 1: Featuring Shireen Gandhy & Aashna Patel

    (L to R) Shireen Gandhy, Kekoo Gandhy, Khorsehd Gandhy at Gallery Chemould


    EPISODE 1: Featuring Shireen Gandhy & Aashna Patel

    How does a gallery keep up with changing art world trends? On our introductory episode we chat with our gallery’s director, Shireen Gandhy, as we delve into Chemould’s ever-evolving journey; from pioneering the early careers of Modern Masters like M.F. Husain, S.H. Raza and Ram Kumar, voyaging on to exhibiting today’s leading contemporary artists such as Nalini Malani, Nilima Shiekh and Atul Dodiya. We discuss what is ‘Indian’ about art through the works of Bhupen Khakhar and Jitish Kallat, and investigate how our artists Shilpa Gupta and Dhruvi Acharya have responded to the trauma of the pandemic; also letting newer, younger and politically engaged voices be heard. The gallery being witness to it all.



  • Recalling Memories: Jitish and Reena Kallat's journey together, EPISODE 2: FEATURING JITISH AND REENA KALLAT

    Image courtesy Shevlin Sebastian.

    Recalling Memories: Jitish and Reena Kallat's journey together


    In this episode, the artist power-couple Reena and Jitish Kallat take us down memory lane, giving us a glimpse into their creative partnership. From meeting and courting in art school to walking around the city; their wide-eyed curiosity led to the beginnings of their unique art practices during a time where we couldn’t carry the world’s archive in our pocket. The Kallats chat about what going to art school together was like and what art spaces were looking for when they graduated. They go on to talking about what the energy of their adjacent studio spaces is like as well as how they influence each other’s practice, the significance of coming together and giving each other critical feedback but also knowing the importance of an individual journey.



  • On Mehlli Gobhai, Episode 3: Featuring Jerry Pinto

    Copyright Sooni Taraporevala

    On Mehlli Gobhai

    Episode 3: Featuring Jerry Pinto

    On the occasion of the artist's retrospective with the gallery, Stalking Art launches a special episode on the life of Mehlli Gobhai.


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