Painting is a field of deep attention, and out of that attention emerges an understanding of what is there. I paint to experience something more expansive than where I speak from.

-Aditi Singh

b. 1976, in Gauhati, India


In Japanese there is a concept called yutori, it means spaciousness. A kind of living with spaciousness. It's like going for a walk, taking time to look around, watching your step, being attentive to breath and landscape - to be stillfully aware. 
Often working on a painting allows me to be held in this spaciousness, you don't have to explain it, paraphrase it, or describe it. When you're in a place of quiet, when you're remembering, when you're carving out an image, you're allowing your mind calmly to leap from one thought to another. It's a way of seeing, but it is also  a way of moving through the world. Of painting being a dialogue with all the many selves inside one - an opening and a cave, an ocean and a lake.
-Aditi Singh
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