Modus Operandi II: Group Show

18 July - 24 August 2019

In continuation of Modus Operandi-I, creating opportunities for young entrants to the world of art, we present an exhibition of gallery artists who will unpack their studios and curate a section of their practice within the gallery space.

 Synonymous with the first edition of Modus Operandi, where we brought together over 25 Chemould artists and their unique artistic language in dialogue with each other through various mediums, we now look forward to deepening this introduction. Once again, Chemould Prescott Road opens it's doors to the younger art enthusiast - wherein artists whose work might otherwise, be unattainable due to prices - will now be available because of accessible price points.


To the world outside, an artist's studio is an exclusive space, confined within four walls that allow the artist to pursue their creative expeditions. While for the artist, a studio could be a refuge, a sanctuary, a playground, an ideation room, a canvas, a laboratory and more often than not, the unfathomable. The artist’s studio remains inaccessible, leaving one intrigued about the metamorphosis that keeps happening within, a constant evolution of the artist. While we don't aspire to transport the length and breadth of any one studio, we hope to bridge a gap through our upcoming exhibition, Modus Operandi - 2: in situ: an artist studio.


There are elements that determine the work of an artist at any particular moment or elements that continually inform the work of the artist. It could be a physical recreation of how he or she lays his/her paper, it could be a closer look into the bottled pigments that we only see a final outcome of, it could also be books the artists’ are inspired by, and it could be the music that the artist listens to.


From mood-boards to drawing books, to worktables, to drawings that are working studies to a final painting, the gallery will turn into a mosaic of multiple studios - merging from one into another - creating an experience of creative chaos! So if In Situ (adjective) means the original place, we are 'unpacking' the artists' studios; their thoughts, heroes, inspirations, and aspirations. The exhibition will unfold a part of the process, with a final outcome - one that will be the 'take home' for the aspiring collector.


To add to this exhibition, we also had planned a print-workshop with print-maker Tanujaa Rane and a Kalamkari workshop with Lavanya Mani, who works with natural products and dyes. This initiative is in collaboration with Sir J. J. School of Art and will be conducted in the first weeks of August in order that people get a more tangible experience into the working processes of some of the artists. The registration process will be put out on our social media channels for all who are interested.

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