Art Basel 2018: Basel, Switzerland

13 - 17 June 2018 
Chemould Prescott Road presents a suite of works this year at Art Basel that reflect the diverse sensibilities of its gallery programme. From Anju Dodiya intervening in the space of everything and nothingness through cloth, Atul Dodiya juxtaposing art movements and historical moments across a temporal plane, Jitish Kallat eavesdropping on the interaction of nature, while Varunika Saraf uses cotton textile to encourage viewers to go beyond apolitical lenses in contemporary India, Bhuvanesh Gowda uses salvaged wood to break down quantum physics, Desmond Lazaro changes hierarchies through mapping history, Ritesh Meshram uses steel to talk about the everyday. Complementarily, Mithu Sen subverts conventional principles of understanding art, Shakuntala Kulkarni uses cane armour accessories to aid structure to narratives of the body and protection, and Gigi Scaria captures daily angst in bronze.
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