Stand still like a hummingbird: Aditi Singh

27 March - 11 April 2008

"Organic botanical forms are invented and stretched to explore nature, fantasy and the mediated motion between the two. The natural evolution of a form has a time cycle in nature. Working with a single form over a period is about understanding a structure and de-constructing its layers of representation; be it a botanical form, the disposition of the night sky, or an ephemeral action, like flight. The appearance of a form serves as a point of departure. It is the underlying sensation and movement that I'm engaged with, and its articulation in space. To express something, without having to name it. Not to categorize motion, but to freeze it."

-Aditi Singh

For Singh, the natural world is a tableau through which the artist explores the processes that define and question a more internal world - one of perception and sensory experience. Her compositions are an interplay between stillness and motion, fragility and permanence, an equilibrium that is at once tense and delicate. Singh's drawings, sometimes almost only a whisper, fill the expanse of the paper with her poetic renderings.


The exhibition comprises of a diverse range of works on paper executed in charcoal and watercolour; each navigating the interval between the ethereal and the earthly, the spiritual and the material. Conference of Birds, an installation of about 40 works using ink on parchment paper, is an exemplary manifestation of her meditative and inventive draughtsmanship, where Singh presents the viewer with a dynamic landscape of imagined recollection.

Installation Views