Demolition Series: Bijoy Jain

31 May - 10 August 2013

As part of Chemould Prescott’s interest in the fluidity between art and architecture, we are delighted to present a new series of installations by Studio Mumbai/ Bijoy Jain. Instinctive response to any condition is honest and devoid of any burden of culture. Such intuition is immediate in time and space. This detachment allows awareness and freedom.


The endeavor is to present an environment that is elemental and sensorial, a field of varying conditions curated from our observations of everyday life. These conditions are formed to instigate and negotiate inside and outside. The pieces independently and collectively evoke indeterminate experiences. The idea is not to guide viewers through a specific process, but to allow discoveries through visual layers.


All of these conditions defy their actual purpose and presence. They exceed their everyday existence and are neither contained nor in-finite in their presence or absence.

Installation Views