Aesthetic Bind

50 Years of Contemporary Art
2013 - 14
Dimensions: 24 x 29 cm

Chemould Prescott Road turned 50 in 2013. The gallery started by Kekoo and Khorshed Gandhy, was taken over by their daughter Shireen Gandhy who joined them in 1988, has a programme that houses almost 30 artists - several of them being international with practices that are known around the world.


50 years of Chemould was celebrated with a series of 5 exhibitions called Aesthetic Bind, curated by Geeta Kapur. The exhibitions consisted of some of the major names in contemporary art - and the five exhibitions became a template of sorts, manifesting the artists' practices of contemporary art in India. Almost 5 years later we came out with a comprehensive book on the exhibition - Aesthetic Bind: 50 years of Chemould, designed by Anusha Yadav of the Indian Memory Project.


The book - while it is a comprehensive exhibition catalogue of the 5 shows, also serves as an "exhibition manual" - which traces concepts of the exhibition, exhibition design, production of artwork through personal emails that run through the book. The book is a robust view of practices of contemporary Indian art. 

Aesthetic Bind: 50 Years of Contemporary Art
₹ 3500.00