Photo / Concept: Group show | In-Touch Edition II

5 June - 5 July 2020
As part of the second edition of In Touch we have curated a group of artists who have worked with photography as a medium of expression. Artists who work with multiple mediums, very often resort to using photography which make up an integral part of the artist's repertoire. These artists are not photographers (at most times) but conceptualising the idea is often related through a photograph. The work we have selected as part of this edition therefore was a deliberate expedition of looking at how the lens of a photograph is extended into portraying an idea. Digging into our archives - (our stockroom), in looking for the photo image, the first image to punch us in the face was that of Pushpamala. It set the tone of how we could steer the project. We are in a very particular moment in history - much of what we look at, is through the lens of the time we witness as we live from day to day. Much of what we present here - is relevant now as much as it has been relevant in the past. Except the work begins to tell the story differently. Art has the power to translate, to be a part of the present, the future and the past. We hope that this selection touches a part of you as much as it did with us.