Access Time: Group show

9 - 23 March 2017

Curated by Devika Daulet-Singh


Chemould Prescott, Mumbai is pleased to present a group exhibition of black & white photographs, Some Portraits curated by Devika Daulet Singh in collaboration with PHOTOINK. Drawn from the archives of Pablo Bartholomew, Richard Bartholomew, Madan Mahatta, Ram Rahman, Sadanand Menon, Ketaki Sheth and Sooni Taraporevala, this exhibition, spanning over forty years, is an evocative mosaic of portraits of painters, writers, poets, architects, dancers, designers and photographers — most of whom have passed away. What makes this series of portraits distinctive and novel is the profound interest the photographers felt for their subjects as none of the portraits were commissioned. Some Portraits is as much about remembrance and celebration as it is about that blurred space between life and art — artists photographing other artists.


Participating artists include Shilpa Gupta | Pablo Bartholomew | Richard Bartholomew | Madan Mahatta | Sadanand Menon | Ram Rahman | Ketaki Sheth | Sooni Taraporevala

Installation Views