After the Fall: Dhruvi Acharya

14 October - 19 November 2016

In this body of work with a large site specific soft-sculptural installation, artist Dhruvi Acharya tries to investigate what happens to the mind, body and soul when one experiences that which is unfathomable, irreversible and unpredictable.

Employing her subtle, dark and wry humour, Dhruvi Acharya’s new body of work explores the arduous emotional and psychological processes of reconstructing one’s self and returning to a purposeful life. The work exposes the numbness, the disbelief and the deafening screams in one’s head, where battles have to be fought in order to understand and accept a new, altered reality.

In her lusciously painted world, human forms morph to match their mental state, comic book inspired empty thought and speech bubbles convey ineffable emotions, and memory drawings fade in and out of layers of paint; merging the past, the present and imagined futures.

A monochromatic bedroom installation allows viewers to enter a space, both dreamlike and disorienting, where memories are made tangible in soft sculptures, enveloped by two decades of drawings.

The myriad visual detailing in Acharya’s work lures viewers to reflect on their own experiences and sentiments, making the specifics of the stories and the meaning of each image unimportant, and allowing for the contemplation of our shared human existence.
Breaking the fourth wall by Gayatri Sinha

Installation Views