b. 1984

 Kuldeep Singh is a contemporary artist based in New York whose practice traverses the boundaries of painting, film, immersive performance, and multimedia installations. Born out of a decade-long and rigorous training in Indian classical dance, specifically Odissi, under the tutelage of acclaimed exponent Madhavi Mudgal in New Delhi, Kuldeep's work weaves together deconstructed elements into a rich tapestry of narratives.

His painting practice, anchored in oil on canvas, embodies the essence of his multidisciplinary exploration. Reinterpreting historic Ragamala paintings through a queer and ecological lens since 2019, his strokes are whimsical, bringing to life storytelling rooted in Sanskrit literature and the Natyashastra. His canvas becomes a playground for mischief, sensuality, and denial, resulting in a hypnotic world charged with emotive tones of pathos, confusion, and wonder. Kuldeep's work invites viewers into a realm where tradition and innovation coalesce, creating a space for introspection and dialogue on the intersections of culture, identity, and contemporary existence.

Holding a BFA in Fine Arts from the College of Art, Delhi University, and an MFA from the University of Iowa, Kuldeep has earned recognition through prestigious residencies at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Yaddo, Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, and Residency Unlimited, among others. His accolades include the highly competitive New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship (2018) and the National Freedom of Expression Award from Mumbai's Infinity Films (2009).

Kuldeep's solo exhibitions include those at the Knockdown Center in Brooklyn (2019) and the Asia Society Museum in NYC (2018), which created immersive environments charged with a unique blend of queerness, environmentalism, and decolonial thought. His work has also been featured at institutions like the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art in New Delhi.

As an educator, Kuldeep has taught at Delhi University, University of Iowa, University of Washington, and as a visiting critic at: NYU, and Rhode Island School of Design. His interdisciplinary approach extends into collaborative ventures, engaging with artists from diverse fields and backgrounds, leading to projects that explore queer subjectivity, identity representation, food, and ecofeminism.