Remains of waste: Chemould CoLab x BODICE x India Art Fair

30 April - 7 May 2022

Celebrating art that is born out of textile remains. 

With an aim to craft a dialogue between a garment and its wearer, every Bodice piece is given movement and character through thoughtful details; something that starts from the make of the fabric itself. But what happens when the fabric is isolated from the clothing, left bare in its elemental form? Gurjeet Singh’s soft sculptures explore the language of fabrics beyond clothes, through its weave, texture, colour, as well as the cuts, holes, and fades.


Bodice’s textile explorations form the creative medium for Gurjeet’s witty, weird, and sometimes melancholic soft sculptures. Using leftover fabrics from Bodice Lab which have been upcycled while carefully preserving their imperfections, these 12 sculptures blur the lines between, and the limitations of, fashion and art as we know it.


A nonchalant ode to the imperfect and the awkward, the sculptures are a subversive response to the manifesto of ‘beauty’, forming an unexpected intersection in the creative philosophy of both the artist and Bodice.

Installation Views
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