India Art Fair 2022: New Delhi

NSIC Exhibition Grounds Okhla, New Delhi, Delhi 110020, India, 28 April - 1 May 2022 
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This year we look forward to returning to India Art Fair; presenting new works across multiple mediums created by nine of the gallery artists.


Anju Dodiya’s watercolours revisit the moment of transit, just before the body begins to act; exploring a tight, focussed solitude and contemplating the verbs of solving, evolving, growing, or performing. Dhruvi Acharya's mixed media on canvas Chatter Splatter explores the state of the world today, while her miniature ceramic sculptures return to familiar Acharya-esque forms. L N Tallur's stone sculptures reexamine classical forms that explore the processes of crystallisation and calcification.


Shutter paintings by Atul Dodiya combine painting, sculptural installation, photography and cinema, and are inspired by the life of Georgian painter Niko Pirosmani. Desmond Lazaro continues his search within the Cosmos with explorations of the Transit of Venus. Jitish Kallat's paintings take the form of speculative abstractions, celestial orbits, geographical coordinate systems, botanical, biological and topographical evocations that begin to reveal the signatures of growth, evolution and entropy.


By containing and sealing spoken expression, Shilpa Gupta captures the evocative potential and perseverance of poetry in her installation Untitled (Spoken Poem in a Bottle). Within the area of resistance, Portents II & III by Varunika Saraf engages with apocalyptic manuscripts - particularly the Augsburg Book of Miraculous Signs - inscribed within imagery from recent political events from around the country. Mix-media works by Mithu Sen speak about the (un)manifested nature of violence by metaphorically “mapping” events as memorials of violence that are skin deep in this present global precarious climate.

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